Seven Excel add-ins are now available!

  1. Data Filter Tool
  2. Sheet Picker
  3. Shipment Tracking
  4. Shipment Tracking Userform
  5. Random Data Generator
  6. Amazon Ad Link Generator
  7. Clean And Trim Cells

The add-ins and files available on this site may not be redistributed without permission. If you find these add-ins on another site, I would appreciate if you would let me know.

For more information about these addins, read the FAQ.


ShipTrack, Amazon Ad Link Generator and Cell Trimmer are compatible with 32-bit Office from Excel 2003 through Excel 2010. They should work in 64-bit Windows (in the WOW emulator), as long as Office is installed as 32-bit.

Data Filter Tool


Data Filter Tool


The Data Filter Tool add-in does one thing: it filters a table of data and copies or moves matching rows to a new workbook. For example, if you have a list of addresses in Excel, with a column for State, this add-in lets you filter by State and copy (or move) all the rows matching a specific State to a newly created workbook. I guess you could say it's like Advanced Filter, but with a more intuitive interface. Headers are always copied, even if you select the Move option, to preserve headers in the original data. It preserves formatting of the original data (bold, italic, etc) but copies values, not formulas.

  • Filters a table of data based on column you specify, copies or moves records to new worksheet
  • Does not delete headers, even if you select "Move" option
  • Installs itself correctly, no matter how it is opened
  • Menu item added to Data » Filter menu
  • Reset button clears inputs for data entry of new range

Read my guest post on Mary's Pad about the add-in


Data Filter Tool Add-In – Excel 2000-2003 version
Data Filter Tool Add-In – Excel 2007 version

*Note: I will not be updating this add-in any further.

Sheet Picker Add-In


sheet picker


A simple userform that lets you switch between worksheets. If you have a workbook with many worksheets, it's a pain to switch between them. Sure, there are shortcut keys (Ctrl+PgDn, etc) and the right-click context menu, but this add-in makes it easy to navigate.

Version 2 now includes the ability to switch to any worksheet in any open workbook.


Sheet Picker Add-In – Excel 2000-2003 version
Sheet Picker Add-In – Excel 2007 version
Sheet Picker Add-In – Excel 2010 version

Shipment Tracking Add-In


ShipTrack is an add-in UDF that can be used to track packages from FedEx, UPS, Conway and ABF (among others) and return status information directly to the worksheet. Returns current delivery status and (if available) delivery date/time. Now includes CEVA and USPS! Uses XMLHTTP object for lightning-fast web queries! (ShDocvw.InternetExplorer used for ABF; Conway and ABF tracking added by site visitor Mike)

Current version is 4.3.6. This version was completely rewritten in VB6. Supported versions: Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010, 2013 (32-bit Office only).

Requires MSXML6.dll in your local system32 folder, as well as Internet Explorer and an Internet connection.

Currently supports the following carriers:

and more!

Read the original description of the ShipTrack add-in and my announcement of version 4.0.


To download ShipTrack, visit its website.

Shipment Tracking Userform


shiptrack UI


A companion add-in to the Shipment Tracking Add-In, this add-in provides a userform for batch tracking number processing. This add-in is specifically for batch processing; if you only need to track one or two packages at any given time, just use the ShipTrack add-in described above.

The ShipTrack add-in is required in order to use the userform add-in. You must have it installed before trying to install the ShipTrackUI add-in. Also, it only works for the 2000-2003 version of ShipTrack. Requires msxml6.dll in your system32 folder.

Read my description of the ShipTrack UI add-in.


Download the ShipTrack Userform add-in for Excel

Random Data Generator Add-In


Random Data Generator


To comply with privacy regulations (HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley), organizations that handle sensitive consumer data (names, SSN, DOB, etc) should use fake data when conducting software tests. This Microsoft® Excel add-in allows the end user to generate quantities of fake data for testing purposes, data such as: Gender, Name (First and Last), SSN, DOB, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone.

Version 3.3 of the add-in for Microsoft® Excel 2003-2013 includes new fields to be generated, as well as multiple output formats (txt, csv, mdb, xml and so on) and configurable options.

**NOTE: RDG is for 32-bit Office only **


amazon ad link generator


This add-in is for webmasters and bloggers who use the Amazon Associates program to generate product links for display on their sites. Generate HTML links to any product of your choice, with your affiliate code baked right in!

Current version is 2.1. This version was completely rewritten in VB6. Supported versions: Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010 (32-bit only).

Read my description of the addin


Amazon Ad Link Generator Add-In – Excel 2003-2010

Clean And Trim Cells


Clean and Trim screenshot


This add-in for Excel 2003-2010 uses various Excel functions to strip blank spaces from your data. You can use any/all of the following functions:

  • TRIM

Current version is 1.0. This version was completely rewritten in VB6. Supported versions: Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010 (32-bit Office only). A very simple add-in but I hope you will find it useful.


Download Excel Cell Trimmer for Excel 2003-2010

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