Another contest is in the "books"

Okay folks, it's time for the big announcement. The winners of the interview blog contest are:

1) Paul – VB 2010 Programmer's Reference
2) Mike – Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Inside Out
3) Ray – Microsoft Office Access 2007 Inside Out

Which is amazing because there were exactly three prizes. Next time I'll give out 20 prizes, maybe more people will be inspired to comment! Unless you can think of better prizes?

I'll send emails to the winners shortly, kindly contact me with your mailing address to collect your prize.

Winners workbook

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I'm just an average guy who writes VBA code for a living. This is my personal blog. Excel and Outlook are my thing, with a sprinkle of Access and Word here and there. Follow this space to learn more about VBA. Keep Reading »

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comment bubble 2 Comment(s) on Another contest is in the "books":

  1. Hi JP,

    Between the lines, i read some disappointment, but you don't have to measure your popularity based on the number of participants of this contest.

    I think most readers will agree that we love your post, the qualitity and quantity and the contests.

    Keep up the good work and next contest i'll give a try to. Laziness kept me from participating, maybe some others to?


    • I appreciate the kind words Tom, but it does sting a bit. I realize that 99.9% of most site visitors (on any website) just lurk and don't bother to comment, but I thought that out of the 900+ or so that visit every day and the regular readers, that more than just a handful would want copies of these books. I can't even give them away.

      If I can provide better prizes, tell me what you want.

      As a programmer, books are the thing I want the most, and they make the least expensive prizes. I've given away stuff like Chandoo's e-books and the charting add-ins from PTS, and I don't want to keep expecting free things from the same people who have their own websites to worry about. Gift cards just seem boring to me, and I can't give away software because it's simply too expensive.

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