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In Create Bingo Cards in Excel, Excel MVP Debra Dalgleish posted a bingo card generator. Perfect for those slow work days (does anyone have those anymore?).

Check out Dick Kusleika's Bingo number selector, it's pretty slick.

I went ahead and created one myself as well.

If you wanted a formula version, here it is:


Just keep pressing F9 to generate new numbers.

Keep in mind you will need some way to log the numbers that have already been picked. That's where the userform comes in.


The sample workbook has the formula in cell A1. To check out the userform, just run the StartForm macro in the modStart module.

Download sample workbook

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comment bubble 10 Comment(s) on Bingo Number Generator:

  1. Thanks, JP, that works well, and is faster than Dick's version with its fancy graphics. I'm sure the bingo players never look up anyway. ;-)

  2. Hi JP, What about words?
    trying to make a Baby shower Bingo sheet with words in each Cell. Using the standard 5 down 5 across. What would I do for that?

  3. I only have open office. Do you have a code for a 5×5 bingo card on that program using only numbers?

  4. Sheila Bowen writes:

    Hi JP.I am trying to make bingo cards for my high school maths class, this is great. Changing it to +,- variables, it is a great way to start. Thanks for setting it up. Will modify to generate variables!!

  5. MarcelBeug writes:

    It is much easier to draw all numbers up front: 1 column with all valid numbers with an adjacent column with random figures for sorting. Put this in a hidden worksheet. Then draw by just picking the numbers 1 by 1 (in a visible worksheet of course). Good luck!


  1. [...] JP has created an Excel Bingo Number Generator with a UserForm, that you can download from his [...]

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