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Thank you for being interested enough to read the comment policy! +1 for you! :D

Certain comments (including first-time comments) are subject to moderation and will not appear immediately. Once your first comment is approved, subsequent comments are automatically approved, provided they don't meet any of the other criteria below. I do not edit comments except as specified below.

Posting VBA Code

To post VBA code in your comment, use these special tags:

Sub YourProcedure()
' do something here
End Sub

(copy and paste this into the comment section if you need to)

It will look like this:

Sub YourProcedure()
' do something here
End Sub

Please only post the relevant sections of your code; don't post your entire procedure when you only need help debugging one variable. Create a scaled-down test case to demonstrate an issue.

To post source code for other languages (HTML, XML, SQL and so on) visit Posting Source Code for supported languages.

Comments I like

I really like these types of comments:

  • Comments that ask relevant questions and increase the collective knowledge of the VBA/Office developer community.
  • Comments with short sections of VBA code that demonstrate a problem or solution.
  • Comments that are directly related to the issue brought up in the article.

Comments I don't like

These are the types of comments I don't like.

  • Comments with irrelevant links or obviously fake names.
  • Comments with large sections of VBA code.
  • Comments on an article that have little or nothing to do with the article itself.
  • Snarky comments that attack Microsoft while asking for help with a Microsoft product.
  • "Thank you"-type comments that appear to be an attempt to get a backlink or get past moderation.
  • Comments that say "that's great, but can you also help me do X and Y?"
  • Comments that repeatedly ask for code samples without any attempt to demonstrate effort or learning over time.

Treating the comments section like your personal support forum is a sure way to get ignored. If you have a project that needs extensive help, or need help learning VBA, please read the FAQ and consider contacting me about private consulting.

I am aware that some types of marketers will go so far as to pay people to pass the Turing test and drop links in comments. Rest assured that unless your comment/link is highly and directly relevant to this blog (or I know you), it will not be posted. Google penalizes sites that link to low-quality content, and I am not going to stake my reputation on someone else's ability to post relevant links.

Time Frame Limit

For any given article, comments are open for [daysuntilclose] days only. After [daysuntilclose] days, WordPress will automatically close the article to new comments. Subscribe to the RSS feed if you want to keep up with new articles as they are published.

Editing Comments

I edit comments under the following circumstances:

  • Your comment contains VBA code that makes the comment excessively long.
  • Your comment contains irrelevant content which can be safely removed without affecting the substance of the comment as it relates to the subject of this blog (which is VBA code). In other words, please stay on topic.
  • Multiple related comments from the same person (especially on the same blog post) may be combined.
  • Your VBA code doesn't include

    tags (see Posting VBA Code), or has a lot of extra whitespace, I will add in the tags and trim the space.

  • I edit names if they are keywords instead of real names. I edit URLs if they look spammy or like an attempt to get a backlink.

If I am contacted about a comment which contains plagiarized, copyrighted or phony content, that comment may be removed. I reserve the right to edit or remove any comment, at any time, for any reason.

Remember, commenting is a privilege, not a right!

All comments are solely the opinion of their authors and don't reflect my opinion. Once approved, they become property of JP Software Technologies (unless removed for reasons stated above). See the Disclaimer and Terms of Service for more information.

This page is subject to change without notice.

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