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The Rant category is where I sound off on various topics, usually in the Office community but can be anything postworthy.

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The latest dumb idea

Making your Facebook profile look like Excel

Seriously, is anyone actually using this and why do people think it's so slick? You still have to log into Facebook to use it, so it's a simple matter for any half-awake IT department to nail you. The same goes for those workbooks that make Twitter look like a spreadsheet (can't find the link right now). Are there IT departments really getting fooled by this?

Here's another one.

Hiding your Facebook or Twitter usage behind a pseudo-spreadsheet, assumes you can connect to them in the first place. If you can't, they're useless.

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The Ups and Downs of APIs

First let me apologize in advance for the following (rather long) rant. I don't like to complain in public, but being ignored or blown off tends to make me angry. Some people air their issues on Twitter or Facebook, I have this blog.

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