Code For Excel and Outlook is now JP Software Technologies


I've changed the domain to be more in line with my expanding business. I'm afraid using trademarked terms in the URL was no longer tenable (no I did not receive a C&D).

If you are linking to Code For Excel and Outlook on your blogroll — thank you! Now go and please update your links. All you need to do is replace "" with "". The old links will continue to redirect for the life of the URL, however.

I've also gone ahead and created a dedicated website to ShipTrack. Visit ShipTrack Addin to download. In case you were keeping track, that brings our total to three web properties:

Downloads may be temporarily unavailable as the site is completely moved over. They should be restored in the next day or two. Please bear with me as final changes are made to all three sites. The RSS feed and backend will remain the same.

Thank you!
Jimmy (the "other" JP)

Questions? Comments? Problems?

About JP

I'm just an average guy who writes VBA code for a living. This is my personal blog. Excel and Outlook are my thing, with a sprinkle of Access and Word here and there. Follow this space to learn more about VBA. Keep Reading »

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  1. Congratulations on the move… Wish you more success in the coming days.

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