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I was inspired by Chandoo's post Write Your Own Twitter Client using Microsoft Excel to take his code and create a userform version. Actually, I was waiting for someone else to do it, since the major portion of the code was written, but since nobody stepped up, I took matters into my own hands. Took me all of half a day to complete, so here it is for anyone who wishes an Excel add-in version of Chandoo's spreadsheet.

Update: Twitter now requires authentication to post tweets. This code no longer works. Download links have been removed.

I'd like to thank Chandoo for putting forth the effort to understand the Twitter API and produce such excellent VBA code, on which this add-in is based. I see he's using his new live.com webspace well!


To load the add-in, open the zip file and place the xla/xlam file somewhere safe. In Excel, go to Tools » Add-Ins and click Browse to look for the file. A new menu item on your Data Menu should appear: Post To My Twitter Account. For those of you thinking of using this add-in at work, consider downloading the unlocked version and changing the application title, so it looks inocuous on your menu. 8)


Here is the initial screen when you call up the userform:


And here is the completed form, completed with response from Twitter. You'll notice that the password field is blanked out (to prevent nosy shoulder surfers from lifting your password).


When you go to your twitter account from your browser, you'll see the newly added tweet:


My add-in development TAT has increased significantly. It helps to have a stock code library for cutting and pasting purposes. And now that I see the add-ins work in Excel 2007, I might even go back and create XLAM versions of all my add-ins. :roll:

Which brings the total number of add-ins available from this site to six! When will it stop?

Thanks to the Twitter API, I could easily see this add-in becoming a full-blown Twitter client. As usual, comments, questions and suggestions are welcome.

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comment bubble 29 Comment(s) on Excel to Twitter:

  1. Very nice addin, considering how popular twitter has become.

    BTW, I'm now following you on twitter! You can follow me @einsteinsboi

  2. Quick question, does it have the option to save the username and password or do you have to reenter them each time you tweet or open a spreadsheet?

  3. Hi JP,

    Is it possible to made a "international version", that didn't work with my 2007 french version

    I receive a: "1004" error with the AddIn class

    Greetings from Africa

  4. You have to enter it the first time only. Clicking Reset only clears out the Message and Response boxes, so you can enter multiple status messages quickly. But let me add your request to the feature list and see what I can do.

  5. Hi JP,

    Yes (?I've donwloaded the 2 2007 version)

    First I receive a message: This add-in is tested on US versionsof Excel only. Use with caution.

    And after a VB Execution error 1004

    @ school I've a PC with 2003 (I gonna check the 2003 versions next week)

  6. Oops…..

    Sorry for the trouble JP, it works :o)

  7. Hi JP,

    About your comment on my blog: no, the plugin apear directly in french :o))

    And yes, it's a very rough country here…but it's Africa (we need to take it "has is":o)

  8. @curtisincalgary writes:

    This is a great add-in. couple of suggestions are to change the url to https.

    The other is to add an actual Ribbon interface to it with the Office 2007 Custom UI Editor. I added a button to the Office button for this for ease of access. I can send you the version that I tweaked with this if you like.

  9. I'll check out the secure url. Feel free to send me your update, but I don't have Excel 2007. Can you send me the code as well?

  10. I developed an twitter client on Excel called "TweetSheet", which is a "real" Excel spreadsheet.


  11. c-man writes:

    Hi, the software is great, but is there a way you can adapt it so that you can post in bulk to twitter using Excel? In otherwords, if I have multiple update/postings that I want to make, each in a unique cell in a single column or something, I'd like for your software to run a for loop through each on of the updates and post them to my twitter account. also, if there is a way to store the user name and password so you don't need to enter it every time, that would be great. Thanks!

  12. maninweb writes:

    Hi together…

    I also published a multilanguage Excel Addin for Twitter. If someone is interested, here's the link…


    Please select language on top left below the teaser and then "Downloads". The making of the Addin can be found in my blog.


    @JP: you got some nice tools here, great :-)

  13. This is super cool. the code is so well written and easy to follow :)

  14. Scott Flanagan writes:

    There's an Excel app that does lots of twitter stuff at http://Twixcel.com Pretty Cool

  15. Unfortunately Twixcel no longer seems to be available – I ended up building my own exported (twextract) instead.


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