MSXML Object Library Routines Update

The MSXML Object Library Routines page has been updated. I cleaned up the page a bit and added a new function to create a XML Writer Object.

If you are a frequent visitor to this site then you know I post code samples that use the MSXML DOM to scrape web pages, RSS feeds and APIs.

The downloadable .bas file has been converted to a class module (.cls). I believe this will make the code easier to use. Code samples for instantiating the class and using it have been provided.

If you don't want to use them as a class module, you can always just take the functions you need out of the class module and paste them directly into a standard module. Or simply copy and paste them off the screen. I keep all of them together because some APIs will use some of the functions while other APIs will need different functions. If they are all there in the same module I don't need to worry about which ones I need at any given time.

If you plan on doing any MSXML DOM work then you should visit that page and download the updated code.

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  1. FYI, I also created a DLL version of the MSXML class library.

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