Office Assistant object model examples

In Office Assistant and MsgBox Menus, Ramachandran Pillai has some useful examples for automating the Office Assistant and reading return values, like a cartoon MsgBox.

What isn't mentioned is that this will only work for versions of Office prior to 2007, because the Office Assistant has been removed in Office 2007 (and I assume that trend will continue in Office 2010).

Another issue to deal with is, what if the Office Assistant isn't installed? I didn't see an install check as part of the code. You won't be able to automate the Office Assistant if it isn't installed, so you'll need to either try to instantiate it and check for an error, or some other method I haven't thought of. The end user may be prompted to install it, which could be inconvenient for your application (and your users).

Another useful article with sample code may be found at TechNet Script Center.

My recommendation (and I'll take yours as well) is to avoid the gimmicky and out of date Office Assistant and use message boxes instead. I've provided a VBA MsgBox replacement here.

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