Q1 2009 Wrap up

The first quarter of 2009 has passed, so I thought I'd share some of the highlights of the last three months.

We've had more hits than ever before, hitting 800 on March 24th!

The VBA Search Engine hit 375 sites (click here if you'd like to become a volunteer contributor).

There were 50 posts and 76 comments/trackbacks. The page with the most comments was Excel to Twitter, with my Random Data Generator announcement coming a close second.

I've also seen some hits from Internet Explorer 8, the latest version of Microsoft's browser.

Most Popular Pages:

  1. Excel VBA Samples
  2. Homepage
  3. Blog
  4. Outlook VBA Samples
  5. Calculating Working Days Minus Holidays in VBA
  6. Data queries in Excel
  7. Automating Internet Explorer
  8. Calculating Elapsed Working Hours In VBA
  9. VBA Search Engine
  10. Free Excel Add-Ins

Top Referral Sources:

I'd to thank and send some link love to the following sites that top out the list of referring sites for Q1:

Plus some new friends:


I saw a bunch of hits from Microsoft's new search engine, Kumo. I can't access it yet, but Microsoft employees can. Does this mean that Microsoft employees are testing out their search engine by searching for VBA code?


The add-in download traffic was brisk, both from here and from download.com. Here is the breakdown:


  • ShipTrack – 53 downloads
  • Data Filter Tool – 24 downloads
  • ShipTrack UI – 17 downloads
  • SheetPicker – 10 downloads


  • Random Data Generator – 320 downloads
  • ShipTrack – 251 downloads
  • Post To Twitter – 150 downloads
  • ShipTrack UI – 67 downloads
  • SheetPicker – 47 downloads
  • Data Filter Tool – 34 downloads
  • Amazon Ad Link Generator – 18 downloads
  • Twitter From Outlook – 13 downloads


  • Random Data Generator – 347 downloads
  • Data Filter Tool – 195 downloads
  • ShipTrack – 178 downloads
  • Post To Twitter – 152 downloads
  • SheetPicker – 87 downloads
  • Amazon Ad Link Generator – 47 downloads
  • VB.NET Bingo Number Generator – 19 downloads
  • Twitter From Outlook – 12 downloads

Visit the Add-Ins page to download any of these add-ins.

Jon Peltier announced the Advanced Excel Conference for this year will be happening in June. If you want to learn more about Excel and how to use VBA, I strongly recommend you attend.

And for you, the reader, who deserves the most thanks for continuing to support this blog with your visits and comments, there will be more VBA code posted here on the blog, as well as some new pages on the static site. I'm also planning another, better code contest with bigger prizes. Stay tuned!

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