ShipTrack AddIn Issues

Several users have reported that the UPS tracking is broken in the ShipTrack addin. I am aware of the issue and should have a fix shortly (next few days).


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  1. Hey JP, can you post the link for the unlocked add-in again? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

    Thanks, this thing is awesome

  2. Hey JP, Great job with the add-in.

    Can you add AGS as a carrier please? I believe they have a unique form to be filled out to track their shipments. Not sure if this would be a problem or not.

    Also, is the ShipTrackUI batch processing add-in still being updated for Office 2007?


  3. This was the most awesome tool since the fax machine! I hope you can get it running soon – keep me posted. I use this info to generate y daily and monthly report plus I can at a glance update my customer. Thanks a million!

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