ShipTrack and a few other updates

School Is In

The Spring semester has started, so blog posting will be sporadic for a while. I'll do my best to post at least once a week, but with a busy schedule I can't promise anything.

ShipTrack 4.1.4 Now Available

ShipTrack 4.1.4 accounts for the changes UPS made to their website around the New Year.

Download ShipTrack

AddIn Changes

The addin has a new license agreement, which you must accept before installing it. If you have any previous version of this addin, remove it and close Excel before installing this version. This addin is for personal, noncommercial use only.

For each carrier, the addin will return current delivery status and (if applicable) delivery date (where possible). Customization or support for this or any other of my addins are available; Contact me for details.

If you would like to download the source code for ShipTrack, the unlocked addin is available as donationware — you are free to download it and customize it yourself, with contributions accepted but not required. Contribute any amount you choose, or contribute nothing.

Download ShipTrack source code

Sorry Jimmy, I only donate to charity!

For those of you reading this who are running to download the latest version of ShipTrack, or have already done so, I'd like to remind you that this addin took many hours to develop and test. Supporting it takes even more time, because when it breaks, the carrier's website must be visited and the HTML code carefully parsed for differences.

I have received many requests for customization of this addin, and when it breaks, I get numerous emails and blog comments until it is fixed. And of course everyone wants the unlocked source code. But long-term support for this addin costs money and time, and so far ALL of it has been done for FREE.

Have you considered sending even a small contribution to show your appreciation for this addin and how much time it has saved you?

Yes I am referring to the hundreds of you who have already downloaded this addin and have requested customizations. Think about the value this addin is providing you and then ask yourself "how much is this worth to me?" How many trips to the UPS or FedEx website has this addin saved you? Or perhaps you've built a tracking worksheet model in Excel, and use the addin to conveniently track package shipments directly from within the model.

I don't expect newcomers to contribute something right away. Use the addin for a while, and if you like it, visit the donate page and give what YOU think is appropriate for an addin of this quality.

You might expect to pay $25, $50 or even $75 for an addin like this, but I offer it freely. In return all I ask is for you to consider giving something back, to reward hard-working people who offer Excel addins at no cost. Even a contribution of one dollar will support further development of this addin.

Your contribution means more support is available for this addin, so I can spend less time at my day job and more time making this addin even better.

Spread the Word!

I feel obligated to remind you that there are simple ways you can support this website every day, without parting with any money.

When you update the addin to include your local carrier, send the patch upstream so your peers may benefit.

Subscribe to the RSS feed, or leave a comment on an existing post.

Those little "bookmark and share" icons at the top and bottom of every page are there to remind you to help "spread the word" about this site. I'd like to thank the anonymous folks out there who have shared links to this site during the last three years, and encourage others to do the same. You are helping this site get noticed by more people, and for that I thank you!

Questions? Suggestions? Comments?

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comment bubble 13 Comment(s) on ShipTrack and a few other updates:

  1. Jon Pildis writes:

    Great product… I'm running Excel 2007 on XP. Tracking a few UPS tracking numbers and I'm getting a Run Time Error. The error says it's a syntax error on line 1???

    I get the proper tracking result, but each time the function is used the error pops-up…. 5 cells, 5 popups.

    Thanks in advance for everything.

  2. Flateur writes:

    Hi all,
    Very Great product !!

    I use sevral of these carriers … but i use TNT too, it's regrettable that is not a part of this application …
    I tried to implement this part of code, based on yours, but the TNT source code body is "bizzare"
    you think you may add it soon ?

    You have thanks from all France ;)

    • Flateur writes:

      And another point :

      The fonction return a value only when the packages are delivered for DHL "Delivered on blabla9:44 AM, signed for by blabla ", else, any error occured and the cell still blank !
      I can give you my tracking number if you want.

    • I do have code written for TNT, it will be added in the next version.

      • Flateur writes:

        Hi JP,
        Thanks for your answer, do you have a specified date to share the next version with tnt?
        If it's so far could you please give me the part of code to integrate? i have "good" skills in VBA and i can arrange it.

  3. Hi!

    I just discovered today your adding.
    thanks so much for developing it! I see that will help a lot of people reducing their workload (as you say, a donation from those poeple would be great!)

    I'm trying to use it for my small company, we use two carriers, UPS and DHL.
    Ups works like a charm, the addin returns delivery status and date using the tracking number.
    DHL, works using the Waybill number (example: 3975077724) returning Delivery status but not delivery date; but it does not work when using tracking number (example: JJD000298356148001816 instead waybill number; a pity, as my software only reports to me tracking numbers…)
    Is there any possibility to use Tracking number for DHL instead waybills, and is there a possibility to have the Delivery date showed up?


    • @Iban DHL does not do domestic U.S. shipping anymore, so I won't be supporting DHL in this add-in.

      As per the blog post, you can download the source code and customize it yourself, or contact me privately and we can discuss further.


      • Hei! thanks a lot for your support!

        I couldn't reply by email, (553 553 Sorry, that recipient does not exist. (state 14).)

        I'll check the code and try to adapt it (even I'm not a programmer, the code is very well documented, so I feel brave enough) to Italy DHL, and using the Tracking number. If I sucess, I'll share it so you can add it.

        • Well, thanks yo your well commented code I was able to add two "new" delivery companies, "DHL IT – Waybill" and "DHL IT – Delivery date", that I use to extract the waybill number and the delivery date from the tracking number respectively;

          If you need it to add to your code, please just ask

        • I just wanted to say that my next project is to include your code in a Access database (if possible) because my excel file gets clogged with that many http requests… maybe trough access is easier…

          I'll let you know, if I'm able to do it :)

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