Shorten your tweets with a bit of VBA

The web API madness continues: If you find yourself running out of space on Twitter, Tweetshrink has an API you can use to return a shortened string of whatever you pass to it. You can use this in tandem with the URL shortener and Twitter posting code to create a robust Excel-based Twitter application. I can't believe I just wrote "robust Excel-based Twitter application".

Function FixTweet(txt As String) As String
' based on
Dim xml As Object
  Set xml = CreateObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP.6.0")

  xml.Open "POST", "" & txt, False

  FixTweet = xml.responsetext
End Function

Sample usage:

Sub TestShrink()
  Debug.Print FixTweet("this is my tweet, I love it!")
End Sub
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