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People sometimes ask me how they can thank me or support my coding efforts. Short of hiring me, the following is a list of ideas you can use to show your support.

  1. Subscribe to the blog, either by email or RSS feed, and visit regularly. It's free.
  2. Post a comment. Get involved in the discussion and you might encourage others to comment, or inspire an idea for a new blog posting. The ripple effect is tremendous, and everyone benefits. Also free.
  3. Share an article from this site on Twitter, Facebook, Delicious or whatever social network service you use. Every article has "bookmark and share" buttons at the top or bottom for your convenience.
  4. If you need a VBA book or related piece of software, consider browsing through and purchasing it from my web store. There are a lot of Excel, Outlook, VBA and general programming books listed.
  5. Review a page from this site on your website or blog. Writing a review can add content to your site while simultaneously participating in the Office developer community at large.
  6. Link to this site from your blog or website. Linking to specific articles is recommended, but you can also add the homepage to your links page or blogroll.

Or you can make a contribution!

I am committed to keeping this website free, so you can have valuable content when you need it, to get things done.

I do not charge a membership fee to access this site, nor is there any way to pay for "premium" content — if you can access the WWW, you can navigate all areas of this site for free.

But it takes time to create the add-ins and sample workbooks you can freely download, as well as the sample code you find in the articles. Sometimes it even takes hours, or days — time that could be spent with family, or at work making money. The regular website maintenance I do keeps the site available at all hours for your convenience.

Show your appreciation for the work done on this site by supporting JP Software Technologies with a contribution.

What happens to my contribution?

Contributions are used for:

  • Website hosting and related administrative costs
  • Purchasing prizes for contests

Even a contribution as small as $1 helps! A $10 contribution pays for a whole month of web hosting!

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