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Save Outlook 2003 E-mail Attachments Automatically

In Outlook 2007 Add-in: Saving Outlook e-mail attachments automatically, author Robert Martim demonstrates how to write an add-in for Outlook 2007 using VSTO that saves file attachments on incoming e-mails automatically.

I've demonstrated the same using VBA in Outlook 2003 below. It uses the stock event code I use when creating event handlers in Outlook.

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I made it into the EMO Newsletter

Well, my comments did. In the Exchange Messaging Outlook Newsletter Volume 13, Number 36, Diane Poremsky posted the following from one of her readers:

Attachments and CC/BCC

Dave wants “a check box or other option on CC and BCC to eliminate attachments – this allows all those crazed corporate wind bags that "cc" their entire department when delivering work or some project, then everyone saves a copy and so on. Referencing the file name only would (or could given that fact that the sender would control the feature) need be referenced in the body of the email.”

I won't mention Dave's last name or his employer, just in case his crazed wind bags read this, but Dave is right – Outlook needs an option to send attachments only to those in the To field. This is a popular request, one I've heard many times over the last 10 years.

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