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Save money, use VBA

I was browsing the Internet recently and found a company that sells Outlook add-ins for various purposes (I won't mention the company). What a shame, because a few lines of VBA code could save dozens or hundreds of dollars that might be otherwise spent on frivolous add-ins that remind you if you forgot an attachment, or automatically BCC someone, or something similar. As long as you're OK with giving up a pretty UI (with the company's logo plastered on it, of course) and are willing to get into the trenches and debug your own code.

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Create Outlook contacts in bulk using VBA automation

A visitors writes and asks "Do you have any code to read an Excel sheet and update Outlook contacts?"

So I whipped up the following code, and thought I would share it with anyone else who needs to create Outlook contacts in bulk, possibly as part of a larger application, filling in the most popular fields (name, email, company).

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Export Outlook Contacts to Excel

Here is the last of the add-in code I was working on. This piece extracts the properties from Contact Items into Excel, using early binding to speed up the code, but with GetObject/CreateObject calls to attempt to hook into an existing instance of Outlook. What, do you mean you don't leave Outlook running all day while you're in the office?

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