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Instantiating Office Applications

In Office – Applications – Started!, Ralf Stolzenburg posted sample VBA code for instantiating several Office applications. I've written about this subject as well, in Easy Application.Object References.

I like my code better, because it avoids the global Object variables present in Ralf's code. (Although as we'll see later, at least one global Boolean variable may be required.) I'd prefer to have one routine create (and return) the object, then pass it to another routine that does something else. It's all part of the encapsulation and loose coupling attitude I've mentioned elsewhere.

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Update Outlook Task Reminder Dates from Excel

A few days ago I completed a routine that lets you update Outlook task reminder dates from Excel. For example, if you had a list of tasks in one column, with updated dates in a second column, this routine would allow you to change the reminder date for the task to the newly updated date. Works well if you are managing a project and need to change reminder dates for particular items.

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