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Listing all Access tables in your database

In your Access application, you may have a need to list all of the tables in your database.

For example, you may want to run a query on all of the tables, or want to display the table names in a list box for the end user to select from.

You don't, however, want to go through the trouble of hard coding table names into your procedure. Every time you add, remove or rename a table, you have to remember to update the list of tables. Very inconvenient.

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Check Access table(s) from Excel using Automation – Updated Code

Here is the revised and completed code that I posted yesterday. The DAO declarations are moved outside the Sub procedure and the 'Set' statements are outside the function loop. Also, the table & column headers are now passed as arguments to the function, making the code more compact. The speed increase over yesterday's code is significant.

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