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How to run a macro with parameters from a toolbar button in Outlook 2003

Previously we showed how to add a toolbar button to Outlook programmatically, and use it to call a procedure that creates meetings from emails (a la the Meeting Reply button in Outlook 2010).

But our procedure has 60 minutes hardcoded as the duration of each appointment. Sure, you can always change it manually, or add another InputBox to the procedure, but what if you want to be able to pass the duration as a parameter?

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Create Outlook toolbar buttons using VBA

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Warning: Toolbars may be under construction. Just kidding.

You can create toolbar buttons using a bit of VBA programming in Outlook's VB IDE. I've adapted some code found at Ken Slovak's site so you can programmatically create buttons on the built-in toolbars, or a custom toolbar you've created.

You can set the button's Caption (the actual text appearing on the button), the Tool Tip (the text that appears when you hover over the button), the name of the macro that runs when the button is clicked, the name of the toolbar where the button should appear (defaults to Standard), and the Face ID of the button.

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