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Nothing to report

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. School and family have been taking up most of my time. I did manage to work on a few things:

  • Added VBA function to create acronyms: Acronyms in Excel.
  • A userform to download images from the Premier League website.
  • A userform to download images from Sky Sports.
  • Some code to check for multiple Excel versions.

I'll post them as soon as I can.


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World Cup Flags

World Cup Flags circle

If you're like me, stuck at work while the World Cup rages, you might still be lucky enough to be able to visit and watch the play-by-play. I'm not a big soccer fan but I depend on the realtime play-by-play to tell me what's happening during the game.

You might have also noticed those cool country flags on FIFA's website.

Algeria flagArgentina flagBrazil flagGreece flagPortugal flagSlovenia flag

Fortunately, they are downloadable for use in your Excel worksheets and VBA programs. Let's build a small app to display and save them.

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