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This is a Google custom search engine which searches ONLY handpicked sites which contain VBA code samples (and VB6 code snippets which can be easily translated). It will look for your search terms on such sites as

And MANY more! Instead of doing your search at Google or Bing, where you end up with a lot of irrelevant results, click the textbox above and enter your search terms to search these sites (and ONLY these sites) all at once.

200+ domains indexed as of November 21, 2014 and growing!!

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Every link is personally vetted before inclusion and periodically checked by yours truly. However, I cannot constantly check every site and I am not responsible for their content. Please report dead or irrelevant links using the contact form. Also, if you would like your site to be excluded, let me know. I am actively looking for more links (esp VBA for other Office programs like Visio and PowerPoint), please submit them using the form above.

Site last updated: August 20, 2014

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